About Art Advisory Services, Inc.

In today’s overheated yet unpredictable art market, with billions of dollars of artwork changing hands annually, clients look to the expertise of Art Advisory Services for advice on how to collect with confidence and long-term value. Standing out as a pioneer since its founding in 1970,  the firm has guided hundreds of corporations and private collectors on art acquisitions of lasting beauty and aesthetic merit, and often excellent investments. 

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Our encyclopedic knowledge of the art market, with a focus on contemporary artists and 19th and 20th century masters, results in individualized art programs developed around four basic tenets: design, taste, image, budget. We maintain a database of the world’s finest established artists in every medium as well as emerging talent that is “under the radar”. The firm's president, Judith Selkowitz, often accompanied by her clients, attends most major art fairs, auctions and exhibitions in the Americas and Europe. Because of our expertise and reputation, we have unique access to artists and artworks.